About Me

Hi, I'm Kristin. I'm a twenty-five year old Christian, bookworm, classic movie fan, and knitter...well, just a fiber enthusiast in general.

I love making things. I started sewing when I was 17, which led to embroidery and some bookbinding, but my real obsession is fiber: mostly knitting and spinning, with a bit of natural dyeing. I get really excited about locally sourced fiber, and I love that one person could have their hands in every step of the process from sheep to sweater. I think I could be happy living in a world of perpetual fall and winter, just so I could always wear handknits.

I'm an introvert who's quiet and a bit awkward. I was a homeschooler and I have my associates degree in early childhood education. I currently run an Etsy shop, do some child care for family members, and help out on my family's farm, but I really want to be a homemaker, wife, and mother someday.

Some of my favorite things are: the Avett Brothers, the smell of rain, chocolate, British period dramas and mini series, hand dyed yarn, yellow flowers, my three cats (Jack, Oliver, and Knightley), snow, key lime pie, pretty book covers, thunderstorms, fall, and getting something wonderful in the mail.