Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spinning: jewel tone BFL.

My most recent handspun, finished about a month ago now. The fiber was BFL swirl roving, from Gale's Art in "The Big O" colorway (kindly sent to me by Monica!). The colors are so vibrant and the fiber was so soft that I spun it thin, so it would last longer. :) I split the fiber in half and then spun it into one long continuous single, and then chain-plied it. There's something very satisfying about the end result of chain-plying, with the colors staying so clean. I ended up with about 336 yards of fingering weight yarn.


  1. Love it!! You got great yardage..yay!

    1. I never seem to get quite as much yardage in fingering weight as I hope, though! :)


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