Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weaving: my first attempt.

Last year I picked out a small, basic lap loom for Christmas. (I got it from an Etsy shop, but it seems they're no longer in business.) I started practicing on it once last year, but then didn't pick it back up again. One of my resolutions in 2017 is to learn the basics of weaving, so with that fresh in my mind, I cut out what I'd started last year and made myself a wall hanging. :)

I used two tutorials to help me out: this one from Karen at Fringe Association and this one. I'm pretty comfortable with the actual weaving part now, I just need to work on making my edges more uniform. And the whole process of getting the piece off the loom stressed me out, because I wove so close to the bottom edge that when I cut the strands, there wasn't much to tie there. I think I've figured out something different to try next time to make that go a little more smoothly.

I keep a lot of my yarn scraps, especially handspun yarn. So I used some of my favorite scraps for this, and I tried to stick with a sort of brown/blue/hot pink color scheme. I didn't intend on making that middle section so wide, but it was handspun left from a skein I sold, and the color changes looked so pretty that I had to keep going. :)

So I don't think weaving is going to be my new thing, but it was fun to spend a few hours one afternoon working on this tacky little wall hanging! I'll probably make one every few months or so, and eventually it might be nice to have a few of them to sell at craft fairs, too.

{I didn't have a wooden dowel, but I do have a jar full of straight knitting needles that I don't use, and hey, it works! Also, my room is dark, especially the corner where this weaving is hanging, so that's why the pictures are of it hanging on a tree instead, ha.}


  1. I had a child's table loom when I was a child and ended up making a decent scarf (for a child), but the way the loom was set up didn't make it simple to prepare for a new project, and we never really used it again. I kept it until recently though. Weaving will never be my thing either, but I like to try lots of crafts and thought about trying one of those triangle looms to make a shawl.

    1. It seems like a lot of people did some sort of weaving as a child, but somehow I missed out on that!


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