Friday, December 16, 2016

Spinning: autumn-colored Finn.

I started spinning this fiber last month when I was selling at a craft show, and finished it a couple weeks ago. I had every intention of selling the finished yarn, but I loved how the colors were looking so I decided to keep it for myself. (It's been a while since I spun anything for myself, so I felt like that justified the decision, ha.)

The fiber was some hand dyed Finn wool that I bought this past spring at the fiber festival. I spun it fractal style: I split it in half lengthwise, split one of those halves into four or six smaller sections and predrafted the other half a bit, then spun them separately and plied them together. I was vaguely trying for a thinner yarn, approx. sportweight, but it ended up being 204 yards of worsted weight. Which is fine, because I have some gray yarn that I might pair it up with so it will stretch further.

I love the orange and gray together, and how fall-like this yarn is! It's also really soft. This is the second time I've spun Finn, and it's a very nice wool.


  1. Oh, yes. Keep and enjoy that beautiful yarn. The colors are simply stunning :-) Beautiful work Kristin. xoxo

    1. Thank you! :) I think it'll be a while before I use it, because I'll have to find the right project.


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