Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Knitting: Christmas gifts.

I can finally share everything I've been knitting over the past two and a half months! :) Here are the Christmas gifts I made this year. I apologize for the bad quality of some of the photos...I'm always taking quick pictures as I finish and before I wrap them up, so it's usually not a good lighting situation.
A cowl for my sister-in-law. I used a very simple pattern (that I've knitted three times before) and some pretty gray Malabrigo yarn. I made the longer size so she can wear it doubled. Project page. 
I made a pair of purple socks for my boyfriend's mom. They're a mixture of a few patterns: I used the texture from Irish Oats, but slightly altered because these are fingering weight rather than sport, and I used the heel from Hermione's Everyday Socks. I really like how they turned out. Project page.
My boyfriend's two nieces each got a hat. The cabled hat, knitted from Malabrigo (which was much prettier than the picture looks), is for his older niece so I made a small adult size. Project page. The purple and green one is just a basic toddler hat, with some colorwork. Project page.

My niece got her yearly sweater, a slightly Frozen-themed one this time. (Because, just like every three year old girl in America, she's obsessed with that movie.) Project page. I also made her a little pair of mittens from the leftover yarn. Project page.
I made my mom a pair of fingerless gloves that coordinate with her birthday gift. (In real life. Once again, the lighting in this picture is awful.) Project page.

And finally, Mom got socks, as always! She loves socks so I usually knit her at least two pairs a year. Project page.


  1. They all look fabulous and I would be very very pleased to receive something handmade for christmas xx Have a great New Year!

  2. I have that cowl on my Ravelry favorites. The frozen theme baby set is adorable; I love the buttons, buttons can really make a project that much more unique and special.

    1. It's such an easy pattern, and the end result is always nice! Yes, I was really happy with those buttons. They really sealed the Frozen theme. :)


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