Monday, September 12, 2016

Spinning: Malabrigo Merino.

Some finished yarn! This is yet more fiber that I'd originally purchased to spin for myself, but decided to sell instead. (Because I'm knitting down my stash and it feels good.) If it doesn't sell at one of the craft fairs I'm attending this fall, it'll be listed in the Etsy shop.

Apparently blue is one of my favorite colors, especially when it comes to yarn and clothing. I'm always drawn to blue. This is some Malabrigo Nube, which is 100% merino fiber, in the Persia colorway. Merino always puffs up so much more than I expect after soaking it...I need to remember to spin it thinner. It's a two ply, I just split the fiber right down the middle. Sometimes the colors line up, sometimes they don't. The finished skein is about 150 yards of airy aran weight. I also had a few yards of leftovers to keep for myself, just enough to use with other yarn in a project.

I've heard mixed reviews about Malabrigo Nube. A lot of people say that it's really compressed and hard to work with. Mine was a little awkward at times, but not too bad. I just fluffed it out and pre-drafted it a bit before spinning.

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