Monday, August 8, 2016

Knitting: Mom's Multnomah shawl.

Today is my mom's birthday! She's one of those people who I always make gifts for, because she appreciates them and therefore she deserves handmade. :) Socks are my go-to knitted gift for her, because she always loves those. But for a while I've been wanting to knit her a shawl.

The pattern is Multnomah. This is the second time I've knitted it (first time here), and it's a nice pattern. It really is a decent sized shawl from just one skein of fingering weight yarn! A part of me always thinks "cowboy bandana" when it comes to wearing smaller triangle-shaped shawls around your neck. :) But the edging on this one seems to make it a softer and more feminine triangle, somehow. Last time I struggled a bit because I decided to make the shawl bigger (I had more yarn), but this time I followed the pattern exactly and guess what? This Multnomah is only a couple inches smaller in wingspan than the other, and it's actually an inch deeper. So I should have just left well enough alone the first time, ha. It blocked out to be about 15 inches by 53 inches.

The yarn is madelinetosh: Tosh Merino Light in the Ophelia colorway. It's lovely, soft single-ply yarn that knits up into an airy shawl. My only disappointment was that the colorway knitted up a lot darker than I expected. My mom loves pink, and I thought that the pink color would be more prominent than the dark blueish-black. (Actually, from a distance, the colors in this shawl remind me a lot of my Hitchhiker.) Hopefully she doesn't mind. Happy birthday, Mom!

Ravelry project page.


  1. I love wavy edges. Holden is my go-to; I have knit it twice, once in fingering, once in cobweb for someone else, and I want to do cobweb with beads (I have yet to knit with beads) for me.

    1. I don't think I've seen Holden before, I'll have to go check it out! I've never knitted with beads, either.

  2. It's beautiful, Kristin! What a great gift for your mom!

  3. what an amazing gift! I love it :) I think it very pink! I bet your mom will love it.

  4. So pretty! Even if the colors didn't come out how you had hoped, I love the combo. :) Happy birthday to your mom!

  5. Beautiful, Kristin! i am sure your mom loved it :-)

  6. Kristin- Thank you so very much for the beautiful shaw you knitted me for my birthday!!! I love it and I love you for making it for me! Thanks for making my birthday special .Love You- Mom


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