Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spinning: alpaca blend singles.

After many weeks of not spinning anything, I finished some yarn a few days ago! I bought the fiber at the festival this past spring: it's a 60/20/20 blend of alpaca, merino, and BFL. The vendors were from a group of alpaca farmers in Tennessee who pool their fiber together, so I guess this is almost local fiber? I'm not sure where the merino and BFL came from.

I started spinning the fiber for a demonstration last month, but then didn't work on it anymore until the last week or so. I spun it as a single, and then I fulled it slightly (using these instructions). Even though it's pretty fuzzy because of the alpaca content and fulling, there's a bit of shine to it from the BFL. The yarn is mostly brown, but has a bit of gray and dyed blue mixed in, too.

I ended up with about 250 yards of sportweight or very light DK. It'll probably become a shawl, but I don't have a pattern in mind (any suggestions?). Somehow I don't really have any neutral colored accessories, so I need to knit a couple before fall.


  1. Oh my...those are dreamy singles. I have 332 yards of natural Alpaca Merino and Bamboo that I am also looking for a pattern. Let's help each other in the search. Who knows? Perhaps we can plan a super relaxed KAL (full disclosure: I don't have a good record finishing KALs).

    1. Thanks! What weight is your yarn? I need to take some time to browse Ravelry for patterns...just haven't gotten around to it yet! A super relaxed knit-along would be fun. :)


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