Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spinning: merino handspun.

Just some yarn I finished recently. The fiber was 4 ounces of hand dyed Merino that I bought at the fiber festival last year. Merino always spins up into a soft, squishy yarn, and this was no exception.

I got about 128 yards of heavy worsted yarn. I took a few quick pictures of it after it was dry, intending on taking better ones when I listed it on Etsy. But someone ended up buying this skein at a spinning demonstration I did over the weekend, so it never made it to the shop! (Not complaining about that, though. I don't sell yarn incredibly often, so it makes me happy when I do.)


  1. That is beautiful! I tend to gravitate towards yarns with colors like these. They're just so cozy and magical <3

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely drawn to blues and purples, too. :)


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