Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What I Read: February

Only three books this month! Honestly, I didn't make a lot of time for reading in February. Here's hoping that March is a better reading month! As usual, click on the title for my Goodreads review.

Penny Dreadful, by Laurel Snyder. I couldn't get into this book at all. It was generic and dull, and I wouldn't have even finished it if it hadn't been such a quick read.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. I was planning on rereading P&P this year anyway, and my new illustrated edition was the perfect excuse to go ahead and do it! Besides some typos, rereading one of my favorite stories in this gorgeous edition was such a nice experience. :) I love this book so much.

The Wide Window, by Lemony Snicket. Since that copy of Pride and Prejudice was too big to carry around, I picked up the next book in the Series of Unfortunate Events (a series I've been slowly rereading) to have in case I needed to take a book along with me. {A strange but practical habit of mine: always bringing along a book or knitting. Or even better, both.} It was good, though these books do get repetitive after a while.


  1. That edition of Pride and Prejudice would be worth owning just for the gorgeous illustrations! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    1. It definitely would! :) It's so beautiful.


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