Friday, January 29, 2016

Knitting: stripe study shawl.

Why is it that shawls seem to take an incredibly long time to knit? (Especially ones knit from fingering weight yarn!) It feels like I worked on this shawl forever, but really it only took a month, off and on.

I didn't plan on using these two yarns together. The variegated yarn was a skein that I purchased from a local dyer at the fiber festival last spring. I planned on using it for socks. The brown yarn is some US Merino yarn from Jill Draper Makes Stuff, and I was planning on using it for a shawl. But when I saw these two skeins next to each other, they looked so nice that I decided to use them together in a project.

The pattern is the Stripe Study Shawl. It's a simple garter stitch shawl that incorporates short rows. It was pretty easy to memorize the pattern after a while, so it was good TV knitting. Because my yarns matched a little too well, the stripes are subtle. There are twelve sections between stripes, but I ran out of yarn in the last section, so that one isn't as wide as it's supposed to be.

I'm really happy with how this shawl turned out! It's a lot bigger than I expected...I guess the yarn being superwash really helped it stretch when I blocked it. Because the shawl is asymmetrical and one end is shorter, it's trickier to wear, but since it's a larger shawl, I don't have to worry about it shifting around too much.

Project page.


  1. This is so beautiful. I love the color combo!

  2. Wow! You think one month is a long time to knit a shawl?! That sounds really fast to me - I'm hoping to attempt a shawl sometime when winter comes to Australia, and I'm fearing it will take me ages... I'm looking forward to the challenge though! Plus, there are heaps of nice shawl patterns out there. Do you have a favourite shawl pattern to recommend?

    1. Ha, it seemed like a long time to me! I guess that's because after a point, shawls do get very repetitive. If you want a basic triangle shawl, the Boneyard Shawl is perfect ( It's written for DK weight yarn, but really you could use anything. If you want something out of a lighter yarn and that's a bit fancier, the Multnomah shawl is a good option ( But there are so many lovely shawl patterns out there. Good luck! :)


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