Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wearing Handmade: Week 5 {Slow Fashion October}

I've really been enjoying following along with everyone's posts for Slow Fashion October. It's been a really inspiring month, and I'm not ready for it to be over! Though I am more than ready to be done with taking daily pictures. :) SFO made me realize that while there are still a few things that I need to sew to fill gaps, I'm in a good place with my handmade wardrobe. It wasn't difficult for me to wear something handmade each day (counting knitted items helped, too).

Day 26: On Monday, we took our yearly drive to the mountains. We go to the same places every year, but I always look forward to it. My parents have been taking pictures at these rocks at Rocky Knob since I was a toddler, ha! It was cold, so I wore my Lady Marple cardigan (which feels huge and ill-fitting now compared to my new sweater). I also wore my black polka dot Renfrew and this cowl.

Day 27: I wore my antler cardigan, my handspun cowl (the first thing I ever knitted from my handspun), knitted mitts from my friend Carolynn, and this Renfrew is under the sweater, though you can't see it. :)

Day 28: This shirt and my second knitted socks (much darned and rather ugly, but still warm and wearable!).

Day 29: My first Renfrew shirt. (I feel like I've taken this exact same picture at least three times this month.)

Day 30: This shirt again...I'd forgotten that I just wore it on Wednesday!

Day 31: I guess I subconsciously decided to dress as a pumpkin for Halloween. :) The only handmade item I wore was my green Nurmilintu shawl...the orange sweater-ish shirt came from Target at least four years ago.

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