Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wearing Handmade: Week 2 {Slow Fashion October}

Day 5: I wore my new favorite Renfrew t-shirt, which I made a couple of weeks ago. The fabric is a knit from Girl Charlee, and it was made in America. I really love that little deer print! I've been taking in a little at the side seams on my Renfrews lately, but it wouldn't have been necessary with this one, since the fabric has less stretch. It's a bit snug across the shoulders now.

Day 6: Another Renfrew. (This is definitely going to be a trend this month...I've sewn a lot of them and I wear them all the time.) This one is another favorite, because I love purple. The fabric also came from Girl Charlee (I can't find it on there now, but I think it was made in the US, too?). I also wore a knitted cowl and a little bookworm brooch (handmade, but not by me).

Day 7: On Wednesday, I wore this red shirt that I made back in 2012. The shirt was cute enough, but the fabric was a really bad choice. It was 100% polyester and it stained everything red (my white cami underneath, my tote bag, etc.), and the fabric was so thin that the seams are weak. Anyway, I still wear it around the house sometimes.

Day 8: Really bad photo, sorry! This was the first Renfrew shirt that I ever made, back at the beginning of 2013. It's a bit stretched out now, so I only wear it while babysitting or around the house.

Day 9: On Friday night, I wore these flannel pajama bottoms (owl flannel bought at Joann's last year, made in China, I'm sure...vintage white rickrack) and my most recent pair of knitted socks.

Day 10: I wore my black polka dot Renfrew and my knitted Downton Cowl. Also, my new Frye boots! They're 100% leather (besides the rubber outer sole) and made in America, but more on those next week. :) And that's my most favorite tote bag ever. It's the Pride and Prejudice one from Out of Print Clothing (bonus: made in America). I've basically been carrying that bag for the last three years...this is my second one, because the first got so worn out and stained. I do occasionally switch it out with this tote bag, which is also made here in the US.

Day 11: To church, I wore this skirt that I made at least five years ago (McCall's pattern M5431). I also wore my first Hitchhiker, which was knitted with yarn from a local dyer. You can't really see it, but there's also a handmade brooch, one of my favorites...this Pride and Prejudice one from House of Ismay. (Apparently I have a thing for P&P accessories, ha!)

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