Friday, September 11, 2015

More natural dyeing {tickseed sunflower, black walnut, goldenrod, and pokeberry}.

I managed to do some more natural dyeing over the past couple of weeks. But I think I'm done for now...only because I've finally run out of white yarn. :) I did freeze enough pokeberries for another dye bath, though, and I also have plenty of walnuts left. Maybe sometime this winter?

I dyed one skein of Targhee wool with tickseed sunflower, or biden. I've used those flowers before, but this time the orange was much brighter, and it's very tonal. There are bright sections, and other sections that are so light they're almost golden.

Black walnut was the only new-to-me dyeing that I did this time around. I was so pleased with the results! It's a really pretty, unusual brown...I think Harvesting Color describes it as "brassy," and that's about right. I dyed a skein of handspun Corriedale and some BFL fiber.

I also did a bit more goldenrod, though this time it's so much lighter than last time! The goldenrod is some Targhee wool and also BFL fiber. I've started spinning the goldenrod and black walnut dyed fibers together, which should be interesting. :) And finally, besides picking enough pokeberries to freeze, I also did a small dye bath...enough for one skein. This time it wasn't quite as vibrant as before, though it's more red than pink, which I like. I think I'm going to knit it into a cabled hat to sell.

If you're interested in any of these colors, most of them are available in my Etsy shop! :) Over the past few weeks, I've added four skeins of naturally dyed yarn and some handspun alpaca yarn. Also, unscented goat's milk soap is in stock now.


  1. These colors are AMAZING!! And Targhee wool is so wonderful - so soft and naturally springy - I love crocheting with the skeins my sister-in-law spun and gave to me.

    1. Thanks! I know, Targhee is wonderfully soft and springy. I haven't been able to knit with any yet, since I bought a big skein of it specifically to split into smaller skeins and dye, and I'm selling those yarns instead of keeping them. But I'm hoping to get more of it soon...maybe enough to dye for a sweater? :)

  2. Gorgeous colors! Love the pictures as well.

  3. I know nothing about yarn, but these look absolutely gorgeous! Those colors... amazing. Well done, Kristin. :)

  4. that orange...and that!


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