Saturday, September 12, 2015

Autumn inspiration.

I've been pretending that it's already fall, though of course it isn't yet. It likely won't cool down here until at least November. (Of course I'm thankful for anything below 80 degrees, but my definition of cool weather is when it's chilly enough to wear something knitted, of course!) Fall is my favorite season, and I'm so ready for it.

A few days ago, I pulled out my tote of hand knits. During the fall and winter I keep them in a drawer in my room, but I pack them away into a plastic tote during the summer. I dug through them, because yes, now there are enough to dig through. There are three new shawls, a cardigan, and some other things that I only finished this year, so I haven't had the chance to wear them yet. Also, I bought some new boots. They're my first investment in good quality, American made shoes. I've never been one of those shoe girls, but wow...I love these boots. And they even smell amazing. I can't bring myself to stick them in the closet yet, so I leave them sitting out in my room. They make the whole room smell like leather, and I usually can't walk by them without trying them on again. (I wore them around for a few minutes yesterday while still in pajamas. Mom keeps asking me, "Are you wearing your boots?") I'm going to be one happy girl on the day when it's cool enough to wear my new boots and my antler cardigan. :)

I've been lighting pumpkin candles and watching You've Got Mail. Isn't it amazing how that movie seems completely appropriate for every season? Yes, it could be a Christmas movie, but it also feels perfect for fall. {"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."} And spring. {"I hope you feel better soon. It'd be a shame to miss New York in the spring."}

While waiting for the new issue of Taproot, I've been catching up on back issues. I especially love the Dream issue (issue 5, I think?) from a couple of years ago...there were several wonderful articles in that one. I've also been eyeing my unfinished fall quilt. Oh, yeah, remember that? I need to finish hand quilting it, but it's hard to get motivated about having a heavy quilt on your lap during the summer. It would be nice to finish it soon enough to actually use it this fall.

A few things that have been inspiring me lately:

- This's so lovely, especially the part about the shawl she made after her husband died.

- Looking at pictures of bloggers' Ginger Jeans and reading the sewalong posts. Because guess what? I'm going to do something I never thought I'd do: I'm going to attempt to sew jeans. If I'm serious about a handmade wardrobe, then learning to sew jeans is a must, because I wear them all the time. But more on that soon!

- I should have learned by now to "never say never" when it comes to making things. When I first started knitting, I remember thinking, I'll never want to learn how to spin. A year later and I'm buying a spindle. I would have told you a week ago that I had zero interest in weaving. But now, suddenly, I'm obsessed with the idea of weaving a quirky, textured wall hanging. I'm thinking about asking for this little loom for Christmas. (Because I obviously need another fiber-y hobby, you know? I don't know what's the matter with me.)


  1. This post made me overly excited. Autumn is my favorite too, and I am so ready to bring out my cardigans and pretty boots and to go out and buy a thousand sweaters (I can't make my own :/).
    Yay for Fall! I should go watch You've Got Mail now... :)

    1. I know! I hate summer clothes...I don't wear shorts, flip flops, etc. But fall and winter clothes are the best. :) Definitely go and watch You've Got Mail.

      P.S. You could totally make your own sweaters! I know that not everyone wants to learn to knit, but I believe everyone is capable of learning how. :)


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