Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Wool and Wheel shop is open!

Finally! As the shop opens, here's what is available:

- 8 skeins of handspun yarn. Six of those are hand dyed (not by me...I purchased the fiber already dyed) and two of them are US Cheviot wool in natural white (starting out as a raw fleece, which I cleaned, hand carded, and spun).

- 2 skeins of naturally dyed yarn: goldenrod and onion skins.

- 2 handknitted items: a pair of naturally dyed mitts and a hand dyed, handspun hat. The handknits in the shop will always be made from hand dyed, handspun, or US wool.

- Plenty of goat's milk soap! Lavender, lemongrass, and cinnamon orange scented. There's also a 3 pack of soap, which will save you a little bit instead of buying them separately.

I still have a few things that haven't been listed yet. Within the next week I'll be adding unscented soap (it will be finished curing in a few days), a couple of naturally dyed hats for babies and children, and a skein of pokeberry-dyed yarn.

My plan for the shop is to focus on yarns that are as local and natural as possible. My ultimate goal is to only sell items that are made from minimally processed US wool. I'm not there yet, but I'm working towards that.

(This blog is still going to remain the same...I promise it's not going to become a place where I do nothing but promote the Etsy shop. Nothing is going to change, except that I might do occasional update posts when I have several new items listed.)


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