Thursday, August 13, 2015

My favorite Monk episodes.

I recently finished watching Monk through for the second time. I was worried that I wouldn't love it as much because now I would remember how the mysteries were solved. But it was just as amazing the second time through. This is definitely one of my favorite TV shows...I think I still like it better than Psych (and I love Psych!). The supporting characters are great, and Randy Disher is my favorite. He's good-hearted but such a goober. (He probably reminds me of Barney Fife.)

When I finished watching Psych, I made a list of my favorite episodes, and I decided to do the same for Monk. You'll thank me later. :)

1. Mr. Monk and the Kid (season 3). One of my favorite things about this show is how it can have me laughing until I cry and crying (actual sad crying) in the same episode, and this one is the perfect example. Monk calling 911 while attempting to change a diaper is one of the most hilarious moments of the entire show, in my opinion. And then the end of this episode is just heartbreaking. How do they do it? (Also, I like it when we get to see Monk changing a little bit and doing something unexpected. Like taking care of a kid.)

2. Mr. Monk and the End: Parts 1 and 2 (season 8). I love it when a show ends well, and this is probably one of the best series finales I've ever seen. (Actually, they did a good job with wrapping up the show during the whole final season. They tied up everything perfectly.) You know the thing that it seems like is going to happen for the majority of these two episodes? I honestly thought they were going to follow through with that. And while it would have been terrible, it also would have been sort of fitting, in a way (but I'm thankful things took a different turn). Anyway, the finale is amazing. They brought the entire show full circle.

3. Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine (season 3). Anytime Mr. Monk is acting not-himself, it's fascinating in an awful sort of way. Like the episode when he gets hypnotized, or the one where he's impersonating Frank DePalma. In this one, Monk (despite his dislike of medicines) decides to try a new medication for his OCD without telling anyone. It's hilarious and bizarre to see him acting so unlike himself, especially when nobody knows why. (Funnily enough, everyone always assumes he's been drinking, though Monk doesn't drink.)

4. Mr. Monk Is on the Run: Parts 1 and 2 (season 6). These two episodes are probably the most plot twisty, suspenseful Monk episodes ever. When I watched it for the first time, I was like what?? What is even happening here? These episodes include all of the best aspects of the show: a part in the Trudy plot arc, unexpected twists, Monk being his usual self (trying to sew up his pocket while running through the woods?), and some hilarious moments (Randy's song).

5. Mr. Monk and the Actor (season 5). Stanley Tucci is one of my favorite guest stars in the show, though he's only in this one episode. He plays an actor who is going to portray Monk in a film, so he starts shadowing him, and things get out of control really quickly. Apparently Stanley Tucci was one of the three final choices to play Monk in the show, so it's interesting to see him here "as Monk," knowing that he could have really been.

6. Mr. Monk Goes to Jail (season 2). This is one of my favorites just because it's Mr. Monk in prison. And he actually sort-of makes friends with his cellmate, a violent murderer called Spyder.

Some honorable mentions: Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum (season 1- several funny supporting characters), Mr. Monk and the Airplane (season 1- I always like seeing Tony Shalhoub's wife guest starring), Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico (season 2), Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater (season 2), Mr. Monk Bumps His Head (season 4- this one probably should have made the favorites list, because I really love it), Mr. Monk and the Badge (season 8- another good example of how they brought the story full circle, though not always in the way you'd think), and Mr. Monk Is the Best Man (because Captain Stottlemeyer is a good guy and he deserves a happy ending).

I still feel like I'm forgetting some! Honestly, it would be easier to list the few episodes that I don't love. :)

If you watch Monk, what are some of your favorite episodes?


  1. Monk is the best! It has everything I love in a tv show: lots of great lovable characters, good clean humor, and fun story lines. Even though I've re watched a lot of the episodes since going though the series the first time, I really need to watch them all in order again. I shall have to do that this fall! :D The best part for me is the friendship that Monk, Stottlemeyer, Randy, and Natalie all have. Although they all have times when they're more than frustrated with each other, in the end they would do anything to help each other out.

    Mr. Monk Takes His Medicice is one of my favorites as well. So funny seeing Monk act that way! Some other favorites of mine are Mr. Monk is Underwater, Happy Birthday Mr. Monk, and Mr. Monk Goes Home Again. I love any episodes with lots of Randy moments, as even though he completely misses the obvious all the time, he's so innocent and sweet that you can't help but love him.

    1. I love their friendship, too. I'm sure that Monk would be an incredibly frustrating person to be around, but they're always there for him. :)

      Happy Birthday Mr. Monk is awesome! I still got caught up in the drama watching it through for the second time, and I completely forgot how Natalie ended up surprising him. And Monk dancing with that vacuum is hilarious. :)

      I know, Randy is so likable even though he's not the brightest. His ridiculous theories are so funny! I'm glad he got a happy ending, too.

  2. These are definitely some of my favorites as well! And I agree - they tied up all the loose ends perfectly in the last season. Most TV shows don't do a very good job on that. And now I think I need to re-watch Monk. ;D

    1. I hate it when a TV show unexpectedly gets canceled and doesn't have the chance to neatly wrap up everything! The end of Monk is so satisfying.

      You should definitely rewatch Monk. :)

  3. Recently been watching Monk and loving it! Monk, Sharona, Stottlemeyer and certainly Randy are my favorites but also great characters in Natalie, Julie, Harold, Dr. Kroger and Dr. Bell are gems. favorites I would choose are Mr. Monk Goes Back To School, Mexico, Jury Duty, panic room, Game Show, Paperboy, Candidate one and two, Can't see a thing, Dentist, Takes the stand, Secret Santa, Manhatten, Dale The Whale, Goes to Jail and Three Pies

    1. I haven't seen Mr. Monk and The End yet and its definitely on my list. I should also mention how much I love Mr. Monk on an Airplane, Mr. Monk and The tv star,Mr. Monk and Sharona, Mr. Monk takes his medicine, Mr. Monk and the other detective, Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy and definitely the episodes where Stottlemeyer and Randy took center stage. Monk, Stottlemeyer and Disher were the constants and they're the best! Great tv series! :)


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