Monday, July 13, 2015

Sock Scrap Blanket {Months 3 & 4}

Progress on my blanket has been slow over the last two months! That's okay, though. I just finished knitting a sweater and some other smaller projects, and soon I'll be starting to knit for craft fairs this fall. So I expect the blanket will become less of a priority for a while.

- 9 squares added (45 total squares now).
- 3 squares from my own scraps.
- 4 squares from mini-skeins from Andi.
- 2 squares from purchased mini-skeins.

All of the new squares are repeats, except for the one I added from my mint chocolate chip socks leftovers and the purple one, which is from a "Seedling" I purchased in Tennessee (plum colorway). I haven't bought any new mini-skeins lately, since I still have quite a few scraps left. And while cleaning up and organizing my sewing/crafting room recently, I found leftovers from a couple of other projects that I didn't realize I had...those will be added into the blanket soon.

My blanket is currently 5 squares tall by 9 squares long. For now I'm just going to keep adding to the length until I think it looks long enough, and then I'll start making it taller.


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