Friday, July 17, 2015


When I was thirteen or fourteen, The Village was one of my favorite films. I think I saw it about four times at the theater and later watched some more of M. Night Shyamalan's films. A few weeks ago, I caught part of The Village when it was airing on wasn't as amazing as I remembered, but I still liked it. And that made me want to watch Signs again, so I did.

I'm not (very) embarrassed to say that I still love this movie. :)

I don't do scary films. Hitchcock is about as close to "horror films" as I get, and I do love children's stories with a creepy factor to them (think A Series of Unfortunate Events- I love humor with a darker undertone). But Signs is right up my alley. It's just sinister and suspenseful enough to make me uncomfortable, but not bad enough to keep me awake at night.*

The opening credits really set the mood with that bizarre music that's just like something out of a Hitchcock film. And the whole movie just has this bleak, eerie feeling.

My favorite character is definitely Merrill. It cracks me up how he is so skeptical about the alien theory at first but he's basically the first one to get sucked into it once things start happening. This movie has some hilarious moments, and most of them involve Merrill: the cursing scene near the beginning, the aluminum foil hats, etc. But also, he's just a good guy. He helps his brother through hard times and takes care of his niece and nephew, but he's not afraid to tell Graham when he thinks he's wrong.

The idea of being in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere (surrounded by corn fields) while aliens are attacking is pretty terrifying, if you ask me. :) But I'm always sort of disappointed when we actually see one of the aliens up close at the end. It looks cheesy. The brief glimpses of them earlier in the film and just the anticipation in general are a lot creepier than the actual aliens.

And even though it's a bit overdone, I really like the overall theme of there being no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. (I'm a Christian, so I believe that. Just because I can't see the whole story yet doesn't mean it's not there.) Though I feel like it doesn't usually happen in such a neatly packaged way as it does in this film. :)

*Not usually, that is. The night that I watched Signs, we had a bad thunderstorm and then, just before I went to bed, our power went out. Of course. I never sleep in complete darkness, and I was a little jumpy after watching this it took me longer than usual to fall asleep, ha.

Have you seen Signs? What do you think of it?


  1. My parents watched this one when it first came out, liked it, and then a few months ago finally introduced it to us kids. I used to be FREAKED OUT by any alien movies as a kid (blame ET for that) but I quite like them now, so long as they aren't *too* scary. (I think that's thanks to Doctor Who, haha:)

    Anyway, I did like this one, and I liked the no coincidences thing, too. We use the quote about amoebas all the time :)

    1. My brother was one of those kids scarred by ET, too. After we watched the movie, he saw ET standing at the foot of his bed that night, ha! So that film was sort of banned from our house for years...I watched it again as a teenager and wasn't very impressed with it.

      But yeah, this is a good one, and that amoeba quote is great. :)

  2. I remember when this movie came out, my parents were considering buying a house next to a corn field.

    After my mother saw the movie, she made the immediate decision that that particular house was scratched off the list. Lol!

    I, too, enjoy the more psychological thrillers. For me those top two are "Signs" and "The Others."

    1. That's funny about your mom! :) The corn fields definitely add to the eerie, isolated feeling of the film. I've never seen "The Others."


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