Friday, June 19, 2015

Three things.

- I've been loving this CD...the self-titled debut by a group called Look Homeward. It was recommended for fans of the Avett Brothers: a comparison which always intrigues me but usually ends up being a disappointment. The Avett Brothers are my favorite group, so I'm always looking for something that reminds me of them. It finally happened! :) A couple of the songs on this album are very Avett Brothers-ish without sounding like copycats. My favorite song is definitely Morning Light, but I also like 5 Miles to Go. I love the whole album, really. Highly recommended! (You can currently download it for free on Noisetrade.) Also, isn't that album cover pretty?

- Please go watch this short film called's about how some of our cast-off clothing is being recycled into thread in India. I don't see how anyone can watch this and see those tons of clothing and say that we don't have a problem with cheap, fast fashion! Seeing those piles of clothes makes you realize just how much we waste.

- Though it's not light-hearted like Unravel, this video is so worth watching. Apparently there are a lot of women in Cambodia who would rather be prostitutes than work in the garment factories there. The wages factory workers make are so low that it's not enough for the women to support their families.

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