Monday, May 18, 2015

Sock Scrap Blanket {Month 2}

My scrap yarn blanket is officially too large to photograph the entire thing on the canvas I use for a white background. :) I'm a little late with this update, but it doesn't matter because obviously this project isn't very time-sensitive. I went several weeks in April without working on it any, but then I got obsessed again and added most of the new squares over a period of a couple days.

-14 squares added (36 total squares now).
-6 squares from my own scraps.
-4 squares from mini-skeins from Andi.
-3 squares from GnomeAcres mini-skeins purchased last month.
-1 square from a newly purchased mini-skein.

I'm starting to add in repeats of squares. I know that a lot of people who are making these blankets don't want two of the same square, but I actually like it. If I love a yarn and the project that it reminds me of, I want as much of it as possible in my blanket! And with striping yarns, squares from the same yarn can look completely different. Example: the pink square and the green corner square in the bottom two photos are from the same yarn.

I added three new yarns this month. The first two were leftovers from the socks I knitted in April: my first handspun socks and the Make Believe socks. Also, when we were in Tennessee, I purchased two "Seedlings" from The Fiber Seed. (The yarn is US wool, which is awesome!) Each mini-skein is 60 yards, hopefully enough for 5-6 squares each. One is purple and one is that beautiful golden yellow in the second photo. I like that now some of the squares in my blanket will remind me of our weekend in Tennessee. :)

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