Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sock Scrap Blanket {Month 1}

To avoid bombarding you guys with tons of pictures of my sock yarn scrap blanket, I decided to do monthly progress posts. If I don't work on it enough during a month to do a post, then I'll just lump a couple of months together.

Here's how the first month went:
-22 completed squares.
-14 squares from my own scraps.
-3 squares from mini-skeins I purchased from GnomeAcres.
-5 squares from mini-skeins that Andi so kindly sent me!
-1 handspun square, 3 sparkly squares, and 1 tweedy square.

So far I've been keeping up with each one on Ravelry, but I can't say whether I'll still be doing that when I have a hundred squares. :) I love looking at my blanket (though it's more of a placemat at this point) and remembering the projects that these scraps came from!

Favorite squares this month: the green one below the bright rainbow-ish one (it's the perfect shade of green and the yarn was really nice), the blue one on the bottom row from my Doctor Who Hitchhiker, and the colorful one shown in the third photo above (from my favorite socks).

Things I've learned...don't knit too many squares without stopping to weave in ends. I try to weave them in every two or three squares, because it's not fun when you have to play catch up. It takes me 30 minutes to knit a square if I'm just knitting, but 45 minutes if I'm knitting while watching TV. :) And finally, it's impossible to knit just one square in a sitting. I don't think I've ever done that...it's been at least two, but usually three or four. (It's addicting.)


  1. Interesting to find this post ... I've been contemplating making something similar with scraps of yarn I've dyed. Your blanket looks great, and so colourful :)

    1. Thank you! This sort of blanket is so enjoyable and addicting to knit. :)

  2. I might have commented on this on your blog before, but I totally want to make one. only I would most likely crochet it.

  3. I started a scrap sock yarn blanket too! It is very addicting and I am trying to weave in the ends as I go as well. Yours looks fantastic!

    1. It's definitely easier if you weave in the ends as you go. :) Thanks!


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