Friday, April 17, 2015


Knitting: My first handspun, toe-up sock is finished! It doesn't fit perfectly, but for my first try with toe-up socks, I think it's pretty good. (I'll go into more detail when I post about the finished pair.) I'm getting ready to start the second one. I also have another lone sock finished from the Hermione's Everyday Sock pattern. I'd already knitted that one when I started my handspun socks, and since I only have one good set of sock needles (and a self-imposed rule of only knitting one pair of socks at a time), I set it aside until my handspun ones are done. And finally, my red Multnomah shawl is coming along nicely. I'm halfway through with the lace section at the bottom. I didn't love this shawl until I had knitted a couple of rows of the lace and could see how it was turning out. I love how it's making the bottom of the garter section look sort of scalloped...I think this little shawl is going to be a new favorite. I'm really enjoying knitting it and I can't wait to see the end result. :)

Spinning: The yarn shown above is supposed to be for my shop, but I'm really smitten with it! I've only spun half of the braid so far. This was my first time spinning yarn with the intention of the finished yarn being singles. I've always plied my yarn before, but I imagined this fiber would look really good as a single ply, and thankfully it does! See that gorgeous shine? That's because it's something like a 70/30 BFL and silk blend. I fulled the singles to strengthen them a bit. (Basically doing everything you're normally not supposed to do with wool yarn: switching it between hot and cold water and then beating it on the kitchen counter...surprisingly fun!)

Reading: From the Start, by Melissa Tagg. I'm a third of the way in and loving it. I think this was just what I needed to get me out of my reading slump. :) I've also started the latest issue of Taproot.

Listening: Lately I've been listening to the Austenland soundtrack, which makes me want to watch the movie again. It should come as no surprise that I love the soundtrack, since I've probably watched this movie 12 times in the past year. It's one of my comfort always makes me laugh. I've also been listening to a lot of Switchfoot, particularly the albums Vice Verses and Fading West (which I'll admit I didn't like at first, but it's grown on me).

Watching: I'm currently watching Boy Meets World and Monk through again. BMW makes me feel so nostalgic, and I've even got my parents watching it, too. (We used to watch it when it was airing on TV, but this is the first time they've seen it all the way through.) I'm in the last season, but they've nearly caught up with me. :) And Monk- I was afraid I might not enjoy this show as much the second time through, because now I know how the mysteries are solved. But it turns out I'd forgotten a lot of the details of the cases. The show is worth watching just for Monk and the supporting characters, though!


  1. Ahhhh!! I can't belive I got it meet you today. It was amazing. You are so cute :) also your parents are so nice!! I love the pictures of your yarn. They are drool worthy really :) I really need to get started on my own pair of socks too!! :)

    1. It was so nice to meet you, too! Yes, you do need to start a pair of socks as soon as possible, because then you'll be hooked. :)


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