Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yarn Along {Christmas Gift Edition}

Instead of the usual Yarn Along (posting about what you're knitting and reading), this week we're sharing the Christmas gifts that we knitted. I can finally show you guys what I've been working on for the past month and a half! :)

By the way, forgive the not-so-great photos. I was taking these pictures as I finished the projects and just before wrapping them, so the light wasn't usually the best.

We'll start with the socks!

These were the only pair of fingering weight socks I made for a gift. I started them back in October, and originally they were for me. But Mom kept mentioning how much she loved the yarn, so before I got to the foot of the first sock, I decided that they would be for her instead. The good thing was that I could knit on them around her because she thought they were mine. :) Mom loves pink, and though I'm not a fan, I love the way this yarn knitted up. (Bonus: It was dyed by a somewhat-local dyer.) Project page.

I also made a pair of worsted weight socks for Mom. (She really loves cozy socks.) I used KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes superwash, just in case they ever accidentally got thrown into the washing machine. Worsted weight socks are perfect for Christmas gifts because it only takes me about four days to knit a pair (compared to about 2 weeks for a fingering weight pair). Project page.

I made a worsted weight pair for my dad in his favorite color: green. (In real life the color isn't as dull as it looks here.) Again, I used Wool of the Andes superwash. Project page.

And another pair of worsted weight socks for my dad. These were made with non-superwash wool from Hobby Lobby. I've made him previous pairs with the darker brown and the lighter brown, so my goal with these was to combine the leftovers to get another pair of socks. I originally planned on just using the dark brown at the ribbing, the heel, and the toe, but I didn't have enough of the light brown. So I ended up doing this odd color blocking. :) Project page.

I made Vancouver Fog fingerless gloves for my sister-in-law. I'd had this pattern in my queue for a long time, and it was nice to finally knit it up. I think cables are such a pain to knit but the end result is worth it. :) The yarn is KnitPicks Swish worsted. Project page.

I spun some pink fiber (information about the handspun here) into worsted yarn and made my mom a pair of fingerless gloves. She picked out the pattern...I added ribbing to the top and bottom and made them a bit longer so she could tuck her fingers inside if they get cold. Project page.

My brother's job means that he works outside a lot, so he needs warm clothes during the winter. I made him this hat that can be worn as a stocking hat/watchman's cap with the brim rolled up, or as a slouchy hat with the brim down. I used some black Wool of the Andes superwash. Project page.

This little hat for my niece was my first experience with colorwork! :) My tension was a little too loose at the beginning (the bottom gray stitches in the scallops are loose), but it got better as I went. I used KnitPicks Swish DK. I ended up knitting it a little longer than it needed to be, so it's sort of a slouchy hat on her. Project page.

With the leftovers from the above hat, I knit my niece another hat, which actually fits properly. I only had a couple of yards left of each color when I was finished, which was exactly what I wanted: two hats from two skeins with no leftovers. Project page.
This isn't knitting, but it's the only non-knitted gift I made, so I'll include it here. My niece already loves to tote around a purse (she's only 14 months old so this looks adorable and hilarious), so I thought I'd make her one. It's made from the Buttercup Bag pattern, shrunk down to her size (and I still could have made it a bit smaller).
Whew! So in total, ten handmade gifts. Most of them were quick projects, so I really didn't start making gifts until the middle of November, and I was finished at least a week before Christmas. That was much less stressful than last year, when I was finishing up a gift on Christmas Eve.
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  1. I'm going to pretend that I didn't just read that it takes you four days to knit a pair of worsted weight socks! Oh, boy, am I a slow knitter! I can't believe you knit all these gifts. They are all so beautiful. :) What a lucky family!
    Happy New Year, Kristin. :)

    1. I'm a slow knitter, too! Keep in mind that those socks are usually on size 6 or 7 needles, which I think is a bit larger than most people use with worsted weight socks. Thanks! :) Happy New Year.

  2. Lovely gifts! Love them all! Happy New Year!


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