Saturday, October 18, 2014

October socks (in progress).

I started these socks back in June. (Good grief!) I had a goal of knitting myself six pairs of socks this year, and this was my fourth. I was just a few inches away from finishing the first sock when I lost interest. Then I was busy knitting other things, like my cardigan for the sweater knit along (still haven't finished that yet) and things to sell at the festival and most recently, my niece's birthday gift.

Liesl has been hosting a monthly sock challenge that I've really been wanting to participate in. And I've been eyeing some of my pretty sock yarn, wanting to cast on another pair (but I have this "one sock at a time" rule). So I figured now was a good time to join in, and hopefully I'd be motivated to finally finish these socks! :)

Last week I finished the first sock, and today I started the second one. I'm pretty confident that this pair will be complete by the end of the month!


  1. I want to make a pair of those, once I finish my current socks! I finished my very first sock last month and cast on to the next one, but I'm still on the ribbing. :/ Yeah, I've kinda lost interest, though unintentionally I've been taking a bit of a knitting break.

    1. These socks were fun! (They're finished now...hopefully I can get pictures soon.) I always scoffed at the idea of "second sock syndrome," but no more, because that's basically what happened with these. :)


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