Friday, October 3, 2014

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire {Book + Film}

I've read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire more times than any of the other books in the series. That much is obvious when I look at my copy of that book compared to the's really worn and the spine is loose. It was my favorite book in the series for a long time. This was also the first book that I bought on the actual release date, which I did for the rest of the series. (I was nine! Goodness, that makes me feel old.)

Rereading it now, I still really love this book! I love the whole setting of the Triwizard Tournament and all of the new characters that come with that. Especially Rita Skeeter! The subplot with her and Hermione is one of my favorites. Since I've read this book so many times, I pick up on the subtle foreshadowing about Skeeter...I love how J.K. Rowling drops hints.

It's interesting to see Hermione and Ron's relationship starting to change here. Also, I appreciate all of the background information about Voldemort and the Death Eaters. I had forgotten that we first find out about Neville's parents in this book.

I remember being completely shocked at the ending when I first read it. This is when things start going downhill (for the wizarding world, I mean, not the quality of the series!), so I'm always equally excited about and dreading the next book. (It doesn't matter that I know how things end. I still get caught up in it all!)

I noticed several mentions of knitting in this book: Mrs. Weasley (of course), Dobby knitting socks (colorwork socks, by the sound of it!), and Hagrid darning socks. And I might be forgetting something...

Now on to the film. I feel like I was being extra critical with this film, for some reason, because almost all of the notes I jotted down were negative and wondering why they changed things. For example, why was Barty Crouch, Jr. there with Voldemort and Wormtail at the beginning? In the book he hasn't joined them yet. Then they go and show that it was him casting the Dark Mark in the sky at the World Cup. I just feel like they made things a little too obvious in regards to Barty...they watered down the mystery too much.

I also think it's weird that the kids didn't seem to know that they were going to the Quidditch World Cup. And that the students from the other schools arrive before they even announce the tournament. And the entrance of the other students is a bit they're putting on a show like the teams at the World Cup. Okay, I'll stop now. :)

In the film, the first task is so dramatic. It looks like Harry and the dragon managed to demolish half of the castle (or at least most of the roofs). He was supposed to be the fastest at completing that task! I guess they have to make it more "action-packed" for film. I hate it when Harry's being all obnoxious and arrogant at the party afterwards instead of feeling bad about Ron. Being someone who hates conflict in real life, I also hate it when fictional best friends are not speaking to each other. :)

It cracks me up that everyone has shaggy hair in this movie...Harry, Ron, Fred and George, etc. I remember how longer hair like that was so popular when I was a teenager, so it's sort of comforting to know that trend has been immortalized in film. Another random thought: I love it when the twins talk in unison. For some reason it reminds me of the Beatles-inspired vultures in The Jungle Book.

I think the best part of this adaptation by far is the end scene in the graveyard. Voldemort is creepier in the movie than I imagined in the book...ugh. That whole scene is incredibly well done. They did a good job of capturing the right atmosphere and I really like how they did Priori Incantatem.

I do feel like the film fell short with the Barty Crouch and Rita Skeeter subplots. They just cut so much out.

One more thing...I have to mention that this movie almost kept me from watching Doctor Who. When I found out that David Tennant was the next Doctor, all I could think about was the awful, twitchy character he plays here. I had such a grudge against him that I didn't even want to start watching the second season of Doctor Who! If you would have told me then that David Tennant would become my favorite Doctor, I would have laughed. :)
What do you think of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? Where does it rank in your favorites of the series?


  1. I think these are my favorites of book and film, partially at least because this movie was my first introduction to Harry Potter. A lot in the movies aggravates me, but I can forgive more in the earlier ones, and the movies have to just be considered fun rather than taken seriously because they are not well-done as adaptations or films generally. My siblings and I have are particularly loathed changes; one of my sisters is heartbroken over the casting of Lupin, and I am infuriated over the portrayal (casting and script) of Ron.

    1. I do enjoy the movies, but I wish that in general they were better adaptations. I'm really just thankful to be able to see these magical stories play out on the screen, though! :)

  2. These books are amazing! I don't like the movies for the same reason. I read these books at the same age too!


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