Saturday, July 12, 2014

Knitting: Hermione Loves Ron hat.

I wish I could say that I'm halfway through the Half-Blood Prince (as it appears from that first photo), but I'm not. The truth is that I haven't even started rereading the Harry Potter series this summer...yet.

But I couldn't resist starting on this hat, and it was so worth it. Honestly, this was the most enjoyable knitting project I've had in a long, long time. Not that my recent projects have been terrible! It's just that this hat was so fun and quick to knit, and I adore the end result.

This is one of those projects that looks more complicated than it was. I had put it off for a while because it meant reading a chart. A very simple chart, it turns out, so I feel silly now for waiting so long. My favorite part is the gorgeous way the top of the hat looks with the decreases. I followed the pattern exactly except for going up a needle size (size 4 for the body, size 3 for ribbing) because I have a big head and I wanted to make sure it fit. :) I chose a darker gray than Hermione's is in the film, though, because I'm just not crazy about light gray on me. (The yarn is KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes sportweight).

I will definitely make this hat again...probably in several different colors.

I think I've finally caught up on posting my finished knits for a while. I'm still working away on these socks, but I'm still on the foot of the first one. This past week I've been doing more spinning than knitting. I've been spinning 8 ounces of Falkland from Spun Right Round, dyed in a much brighter colorway than I would usually choose. But I have high hopes for it. :)

Project page: Hermione Loves Ron hat.

P.S. Liesl, a sweet blogger who writes over at Liesl Made, was kind enough to do a little interview with me on her blog. You can see the post here.


  1. The hat looks great on you! It's a nice color too! Well done!

  2. Lovely hat!! I'm very intimidated by cables, so I haven't done this hat yet. But it is definitely on my future to-do list! Great job!

    1. Thanks! I used to be intimidated by cables, too. They're still not my favorite thing to knit (though a good wool yarn with some stretch does wonders), but I do love the end result. :)


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