Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions for 2014.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I feel like the days before a new year are full of magic and possibility. Yes, I am most definitely a resolution maker. And while actually following through with resolutions is a great feeling, it honestly doesn't bother me too much if I can't check off my entire list at the end of the year. I still get excited about making goals for the next year. I'm never more hopeful or idealistic than in those days between Christmas and January 1st. :)

First I'm going to mention my specific goals, and then at the end I'll talk about my general hopes for 2014...

-Use up most of my apparel fabric stash. I have enough fabrics to make six or seven garments, and some of it has been sitting on my shelf for too long.
-Try at least two clothing patterns.
-Sew myself a bag that I love. This one should be easy- I've already got the pattern and the fabric! :)

-Learn how to knit colorwork. I'm intimidated by colorwork, but I love the way it looks. I've already got the yarn and pattern for my first project.
-Knit a cardigan for myself. This one in particular.
-Knit at least six pairs of socks for myself. I would love to do one of those "12 pairs of socks in a year" challenges, but I just feel like if I did that, I wouldn't have time to knit anything else! One hat a month would be more doable...but I don't need twelve hats. So I'm aiming for six pairs of socks for myself (not including any I might knit for other people).
-Finish cleaning my raw fleece and spin it. I'd like to get that 7 lb. fleece (that I bought last spring) spun into yarn! I still have about 2.5 lbs. of it left to wash first, though.
-Take the Craftsy class "Spinning Dyed Fibers." It was half price before Christmas, but I just didn't have the extra money for it. I do want to take it, though, because so far I'm a little afraid of spinning with dyed fiber because I don't want to ruin the colors.
-Invest in a DPN set and a set of interchangeable circular needles. It would really be nice not to have to buy DPNs or expensive circulars anymore! And I feel like I'm knitting enough now to justify these. I'll just have to save up for them. :)

-Read at least 70 books. I dropped my goal a bit from 80 books (for the past two years) to 70, since I had some trouble meeting my goal in 2013. :)
-Read at least fifty books from my "own but unread" list. As of the end of 2013, I own nearly 100 books that I haven't read. That's ridiculous and I'd love to cut that number in half. And not by getting rid of reading them. :)
-Read five classics. That I haven't previously read.
-Finish rereading Jane Austen's works. Which would mean all of them except Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and her unfinished novels.
-Continue keeping a book journal.
-Reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
-Use the library more. To prevent purchasing books that I don't actually like. :)

-Give my blog a little makeover. Clean some things up and simplify.
-Improve my photography.
-Finish my Disney animated film series.
-Leave more comments. I don't comment on the blogs that I read nearly as much as I should.

-Save at least $10 a week.
-Give money to a charity or a good cause each month.
-Limit my new clothing purchases.
-Put more effort into my Etsy shop.
-Learn how to cook. Seriously. I say this every year. My major problems are 1) I'm, unfortunately, a picky eater, 2) My favorite things to make are desserts, and 3) I'm a little scared of ovens and knives. :) I'd ideally like to find a beginner's cookbook and work my way through it with my mom's help.
-Walk outside at least three days a week.

Overboard? Maybe a little. I'm very optimistic. :) As usual, I'm hoping that posting these here, and tacking them on my bedroom wall above my desk (where I'll see them everyday), will help hold me accountable.

In 2014, I'd like to become a better person. Less selfish and more kind and caring. I'd like to become more consistent with good habits, drop some bad habits, and be more creative. I'd like to focus on quality instead of quantity. I want to stop buying so much more: books and movies and yarn and fabric, and just enjoy and work from what I already own. I need to be more conscious of how I spend money and become more likely to give generously than spend frivolously. Contentment...that should be my biggest goal in the new year.

What are your resolutions for the new year?


  1. 1) Goodness, that Noodlehead Super Tote is adorable. 2) When it comes to reading, well, my, my, my you are ambitious, m'dear! I am hoping to read more from my own "own but unread" list as well. Hopefully that will also keep me from buying more books too - and the library, splendid idea that I always manage to forget. 3) I could stand to leave more comments as well, which is part of the reason I am now. *wink* 4) I just got married, and have determined that cooking will be a life-long school lesson for me. So, don't fret when things turn out horribly. Just laugh it off, and make sure to celebrate the victories with gusto when they come. Rachael Ray has some simple cookbooks that are great - my favorite being Express Lane Meals. Her recipes don't take over 30 minutes in the kitchen, which I love, and there is a Grand Shopping List in the front of the book. 5) I hope you have a superbly-blessed new year, Kristin, with much to gain and do and see! :-)

  2. Oh, and you can find my resolutions nestled in on my blog, if you are interested. ;)

  3. I don't know exactly why I love reading end-of-the-year and new year posts so much, but I do. I guess it's because they're just quite inspiring and so very list-y. :D Resolutions aren't my favorite (too much commitment and permanence and pressure to follow through, you know ;), but I did make a few "goals". One of them is actually identical to one of yours (I promise I didn't copy though, because I wrote it down yesterday). :D

    I'd really like to read 70 books (up from 56 this year) and make a big dent in the ridiculous pile of books that I own and haven't read. I buy books, read a few, and buy more before finishing the original pile. It's a cycle that I need to break.

    Sell more on Etsy. I'm happy with my progress so far, but I feel like I could do better with adding new stuff more often, taking better pictures, etc.

    Save money. This is very much connected with the first two. :D We'll see how that goes.

    Exercise. I'd much rather sit and read, but moving around is good for me. Also, my brother just got a new weight bench, so I might try to work my muscles out of their pitiful state. Maybe. :D

    And lastly, this might be the year that I finally start a blog. But only if I can, like Bilbo, find my courage. ;)

    Happy New Year, Kristin!

  4. Oh, I want to reread LoftR books (and the Hobbit, probably twice, once before the trilogy and once again at the end of the year before the 3rd film installment) and Harry Potter books for my graduation reread treat (I have a problems with wanting to reread too much when I have read very little). I am going to drop my reading list to try to focus on quality (i.e. longer classics) rather than quantity. I should probably have a resolution to use up all my fabric (I just mentioned to my mom how much I had) and my yarn :/

  5. Happy new year to you and your family! Here's to hoping you all have a great 2014. I'm looking forward to reading your blog as you accomplish each of these goals!

  6. Don't be worried about stranded color work. It really is easy!


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