Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My most anticipated books of 2014.

It seems like there are just so many awesome books coming out this year! Here are the new releases of 2014 that I am most excited about reading (though a few recent releases from the very end of 2013 make the list, too)...

I think these are pretty much listed in order of release date, with a few exceptions, but keep in mind that those dates could change. Also, each title links to the book's Goodreads page.

-"Where Did You See Her Last?", by Lemony Snicket. I loved the Series of Unfortunate Events. While I was a little disappointed with the first book in this new series, I'm hopeful that they'll improve. This one, the second, came out towards the end of 2013, but I haven't got it yet.

-The Interrupted Tale, by Maryrose Wood. This is the fourth book in the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series, which are middle grade stories featuring three children who were raised by wolves, and their governess, who is a mixture of Mary Poppins and Catherine Morland (of Northanger Abbey). The third book was my least favorite so far, so I'm hoping this one will be better. (I'm also hoping for a conclusion soon, because I don't want the series to be drawn out too much.) This one has also already released.

-The Captive Maiden, by Melanie Dickerson. I still need to read the third of Dickerson's fairy tale books, which I own, but after that I'm looking forward to reading this one! (Again, this one came out last year.)

-The Dancing Master, by Julie Klassen. I've enjoyed everything I've read by this author, but her last release, The Tutor's Daughter, was by far one of my favorite books of 2013. I can't wait to read this one! It was released today, actually. :)

-Princess Ever After, by Rachel Hauck. Let's be honest...I'm a sucker for any kind of modern princess story. I loved the first book in this series, so I'm hoping this one will be just as good. And isn't that cover gorgeous?? Release date: February 4th.

-Wildwood Imperium, by Colin Meloy. The first book in this series was okay, but I absolutely loved the second one. I can't wait to read this conclusion to the series! Release date: February 4th.

-The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, by Shelia Turnage. This is the follow-up to the book Three Times Lucky, which I read in 2012 and loved! I love this cover, too. Release date: February 4th.

-A Snicker of Magic, by Natalie Lloyd. This one is, by far, the book I'm most excited about this year. I first found Natalie's writing through her column in Brio magazine. Then I stumbled across her blog and read her book Paperdoll. She is the sweetest person and ridiculously talented, and I am so, so excited to read her first novel. :) Release date: February 25th.

-Death By the Book, by Julianna Deering. So far this series consists of lots of things I love: 1930s era mysteries, an English setting, and a suave detective! :) I really liked the first book, so I'm glad the next two installments are coming out this year. Release date: March 4th.

-Dangerous, by Shannon Hale. I love pretty much everything Shannon Hale has written (there are about three of her books I haven't read yet), and her Books of Bayern series is one of my favorites. I think this is sci-fi, so it's completely different from the typical fairytale stuff she writes. But I hope it'll be good! Release date: March 4th.

-Here to Stay, by Melissa Tagg. I enjoyed Melissa's debut novel, Made to Last, and Blaze/Blake was definitely one of my favorite characters in that story. So I'm very excited he's getting a story of his own! :) Release date: May 6th.

-Fair Play, by Deanne Gist. I've read (and loved) all but one or two of Gist's novels. I need to read It Happened at the Fair soon, because I think these two are connected? Release date: May 6th.

-Murder at the Mikado, by Julianna Deering. The third book in the Drew Fathering mystery series (mentioned above). Release date: July 1st.

-Captured by Love, by Jody Hedlund. I have been so impressed with Jody Hedlund's last two novels...they were so much better than I expected! So of course I'll read this one. Release date: July 1st.

-Landline, by Rainbow Rowell. I've enjoyed all of Rowell's novels so far, but my favorite was probably Attachments. Landline, like Attachments, will be an adult novel (as opposed to her last two, which were YA), and it sounds intriguing and different from all of her other books. Release date: July 8th.

-Full Steam Ahead, by Karen Witemeyer. I've read and loved all of Witemeyer's novels so far (except her last one...haven't read that yet). Her books always get the cutest covers. Release date: June 3rd.

And two more that don't have covers yet...Lizzy and Jane, by Katherine Reay, is expected to be published in October. Her debut novel Dear Mr. Knightley was one of my favorite reads of 2013. And the third book in Sarah E. Ladd's Whispers on the Moors series, A Lady at Willowgrove Hall, is also supposed to come out this year, though there's no release date set yet. (I read and reviewed the second book recently.)

So many awesome books to look forward to! These will make it a little harder to keep my resolution of reading lots of the unread books I own. (Though I'm doing well with that resolution so far...I'm already on my third book from that list. :)

Which new releases are you most excited about this year?

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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes...! You've got a fabulous line-up, Kristin. 'Princess' is good and like you, I cannot wait to read Melissa's follow up and of course, Death by the Book and the third in that series. Katherine's promises to be an emotional read though I've no doubt it'll be good. Plus I keep telling myself after all this praise I *have* to read one of Rainbow's books! :)

    Great choices.


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