Sunday, December 15, 2013

Project 360: Week 50

{343} Two pounds of lovely spinning fiber arrived in the mail!

{344} And I'm not spinning it yet, but I'm spinning something else. I had forgotten how much I love doing this...I can't go a couple of months without spinning anymore.

{345} I forgot to take a photo on Wednesday. (This seems to be a pattern.)

{346} One way to win an auntie's heart (other than just being ridiculously adorable, of course) is to wear the sweaters she knits you. This sweet little girl finally fits into hers! She's also learning to smile and stick out her tongue, both of which she seems to be attempting here.

{347} Browsing through cross stitch ideas for a Christmas gift.

{348} And starting on something for my niece. :)

{349} I'm watching through Sherlock again. Love this show so much!

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