Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best of 2013: Films and TV

{No Project 360 post today, as I'm going to include the last few days of the year in with this past week's post. It will be up sometime after the 31st!}

Disclaimer: There are three other films that would have very likely made this list, but unfortunately I haven't seen them yet! The Book Thief hasn't come to my local theater, and it looks as if it might not, so I might be waiting on the DVD for that one. I have every intention of seeing the new Hobbit film and Saving Mr. Banks in January, but that means they can't be on the list yet. :)

Out of curiosity, I kept a Pinterest board of all of the films I watched this year. A total of 117 so far! I knew I watched a lot of episodes of shows on DVD and such, but I had no idea that I watched that many actual films. Some of those were multiple viewings, While You Were Sleeping, which I watched four or five times this year. :)

Anyway, here are my favorite films of 2013 that I did actually see:

Monsters University

I was a little worried about this one, since Monsters, Inc. is my favorite Pixar film. They did an amazing job, though, and I loved it! You can read my review here.

Catching Fire
Just like the first one, an incredible book-to-movie adaptation. I may have even loved it better than the first! See my review here.


Though I saw Frozen in theaters before Christmas, I still haven't gotten around to writing my review yet, other than some basic thoughts. Hopefully I'll finish it over the next few days! Spoiler: I loved this movie. :)

And my favorite TV for the year:

Doctor Who
I fell in love with Doctor Who last year, but this year I finally caught up on all the episodes. And got to watch the 50th anniversary! I still haven't seen the Christmas special yet, but hopefully I will soon. I've also started rewatching the series again since I collected all the DVDs, and I'm loving it even more this time around. :)

I love this show so much. (I also love it when those two laugh together.) I watched it twice through this year and I am so ready for January 19th! I loved John Watson from the beginning, but Sherlock himself has grown on me quite a bit. :) Love their friendship. I wrote a bit about it here.
Call the Midwife

This show is alternatively hilarious and heartbreaking. I am so smitten with it and enjoyed it so much more than I expected to. (I got the first book that it's based on for Christmas and can't wait to read it!) I'm very much looking forward to season three! I also wrote about it here.

Why on earth did it take me so long to find this show? It's now one of my favorites. I wrote about it here. Since writing that post, I've finished the series. And the series finale? Oh my goodness. I totally thought that what it seemed like was going to happen was going to happen and I was pretty devastated. But it ended up being the most perfect ending imaginable...honestly, probably the best series finale I've yet seen. If you love detective stories and quirky characters with OCD and hilariousness, watch Monk.
What were your favorite films and TV shows of the year?


  1. Brilliant list, Kristin. Hooray for the DW, Call the Midwife, Sherlock, Frozen and Catching Fire love! Of course I love all those shows and Frozen; and I'm *dying* to get CF on DVD. :)

  2. Sherlock! Yay...LOVE. :) :) :) I'm soooo antsy for the next season.

  3. I just posted my 2013 review post and half of it looks like yours! Out of everything I've watched this year though, DW is definitely my all time favorite. And I thought Monsters University was fantastic as well!


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