Saturday, November 23, 2013

50 years.

Happy 50th anniversary, Doctor Who!

I'm sure you guys know that I'm a relatively new fan...I only discovered it last year. But I quickly became obsessed with this quirky, crazy show. :) I'm rewatching the series again (just finished series 3) and loving it even more, if that's possible.

We don't have satellite or cable, but thankfully I was able to watch the 50th anniversary special at my grandparents' house this afternoon. It was quite the experience, imagining all of the DW fans across the universe world watching at the same time. And the special was amazing. I have to admit that there was a point about halfway through where I was thinking, this probably won't be as spectacular as I had hoped. But things quickly turned around and I was definitely impressed. :) It was such a lovely tribute to the show, and everyone seemed like they were having so much fun. Especially David Tennant and Matt Smith (oh my goodness! So hilarious and awesome together!), but also Billie Piper. I loved the way they alluded to the old series and even I, who have only seen a few of the classic episodes, recognized and appreciated Tom Baker's appearance. :) Now I'm even more curious about watching more classic episodes. And the urge to knit the Doctor Who scarf grows stronger, though I try to tell myself I would never be brave enough to wear it.

Anyway, well done, BBC. You never fail to impress me.

What did you guys think about The Day of the Doctor?


  1. Happy Doctor Who Day!!
    I wish I could have watched the special, but we don't have cable or anything, and don't know anyone who does. Oh well:) It would have been awesome to see it when all the other Whovians were seeing it, though.

  2. I get to see this in the theater on MONDAY ieeee!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello!
    Just found your blog through a comment on Hayden's blog Story Girl.

    My sister and I watched the Doctor Who special at our grandparents house too, since they recorded it for us, and it was pretty cool.

    I don't know how to knit, but I did crochet a version of the 4th doctor's scarf for myself. :) I made it with different colors, but it's still really long and it does feel kind of strange to wear it out (I've only done it once so far), but it is fun too.

    My sister and I have a blog at
    We love handwork, vintage things, and DW too, and it is also our goal to be homemakers and mothers some day if God so wills.



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