Friday, September 6, 2013

What's in my knitting bag.

I've mentioned before that I'm currently participating in the Summer Sweater Knit Along over at luvinthemommyhood. I've been struggling with my sweater turning out huge because I can't get gauge, but I'll write more about that when it's finished because I think I've sort of got it back on track now. :)
Anyway, when I saw Shannon's "What's in your knitting bag?" post yesterday, I thought I'd join in, too. :) I'm the sort of nosy person who likes to see what other people carry in their bag.
I usually carry my knitting stuff in a tote bag (I'm currently using this one). Soon I'd like to sew myself a bag devoted to knitting, but I'm still looking for the right pattern. :) I do have the small bag shown below (blogged here) to hold sock knitting. Inside my tote is a clipboard to hold the pattern I'm using, my current project (my first sweater), and a pouch to hold all my other stuff.

I got this pouch on clearance at Target sometime over the past year or two. I think it was like 40 cents? It's cute, but because I sew, there's really no excuse for me to be using some cheapo Target pouch. :)

Did you see that little TARDIS peeking around the corner? :) That's my WPI tool for spinning.

When I ordered from that Etsy shop, she also sent me this little button. :)

Here's the mess of what's inside the pouch...

Two sets of DPNs that I'll need eventually for my sweater, two random DPNs from my current neglected sock knitting, a couple of stitch holders and cable needles, a crochet hook for catching any accidentally dropped stitches, and my scissors.

Clover locking stitch markers, other cheap ones from Hobby Lobby, and those big awkward plastic ones that I promptly threw away after taking these pictures. Because I've never used them...they came in some beginner's knitting kit I got a couple of years ago.

A measuring tape...I really should invest a few dollars in one of those retractable ones because this one is always coming unwound and getting tangled up in my bag. Tapestry needles. I never use those light blue ones. I used to have some green hard plastic ones that I loved, but they both snapped in half recently. Now I'm a fan of metal ones. Leftover buttons from baby knitting projects. :)

My awesome TARDIS needle gauge! I could finally justify buying one after I lost my metal one earlier this year. I couldn't have planned that better myself...and no, I did not "lose" my other one on purpose. :) A ball of white handspun singles that I sometimes use to tie skeins of handspun yarn. A ball of purple scrap yarn that I've been using to hold stitches on my sweater. And a random little badger paw from these mitts that I decided not to attach.

A couple of random yarn tags and sloppy instructions for knitting dishrags. Because simple as they are, sometimes I need a bit of help when I haven't knitted one in a while. :)

And lastly, several row counters. These didn't make it into the group photo because I have three and they're all currently being used in projects.

And here's a peek inside my sock bag...I haven't worked on these socks in forever.

What's in your knitting bag? :)

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  1. Awesome! thanks for joining in - loved your post!

  2. So cute!! Love it--you are so organized. My knitting bag is a huge box. next to my box of yarn. i do have a "little knitting project bag" (i can't really call it a sock bag, since I still have never made a sock) right now it holds half finished arm warmers :p

    Love your "in my bag" post. I really adore these posts by people, too :P


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