Monday, September 30, 2013

Project 360: Week 39

{266} My mom found me this Pyrex dish that matches my Corelle dishes at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

{267} We took a day trip to Peaks of Otter and drove along part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We also stopped at a yarn store. :)

{268} I am obsessed with woodland fabrics....these are going to become a knitting bag.

{269} It finally feels fall-like enough to light candles!

{270} Stitching a little girl in my autumn sampler. I've made quite a bit of progress since this.

{271} Knitting socks with self-striping yarn is so much fun. :) The stripes give you a way to mark your progress.

{272} Afternoon sky while doing chores.

I know I'm a little late with this post. I intended to put it up last night but I was watching Once Upon a Time and then cross stitching right up until I went to bed. :) I think I'm going to skip Music Monday today because I don't have anything planned...


  1. that fabric is so pretty! where do you find this stuff? I love that little girl fabric you posted on another 360...

    1. The fabric in this post is from a line called Timber and Leaf. It came out in the spring, so it's mostly sold out online but I got some at a yarn/quilting shop in Rocky Mount called The Crooked Stitch! She doesn't have all of the prints available but she still has quite a few. The little girl fabric came from the Fabric Worm website ( and it's from the Fort Firefly line. :) It's organic cotton and is much more expensive that I normally pay for fabric so I only got 1/2 yard.


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