Monday, September 2, 2013

Project 360: Week 35

{238} Butterflies.

{239} I never posted about this purple yarn I finished spinning a while back...

{240} A bad night photo of my garish red pajama pants and version 2 of my sweater. Because the first attempt was huge.

{241} Our zinnias still look lovely.

{242} Rereading one of my favorite books. :)

{243} Gathering up embroidery floss in gorgeous fall colors for a new project!

{244} I'm waiting for the goldenrod to bloom properly so I can use it to dye some yarn.

Sorry I'm a day late with the Project 360 post this week. I meant to put it up yesterday evening, but I spent most of the evening fighting with the sweater I'm knitting. And I lost, you guys. Attempt number 2 is still huge on me. I thought my gauge was right this time, but apparently not. I am so discouraged, and now I have to try to figure out how to salvage it. I don't mean to start off a new week in a bad mood, but I'm just being honest here. :)

Until next time,

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  1. Praying the rest of your week be lovelier than the start... & that your yarn never be tangled. =) I've had plenty of projects fail & it always stinks!

    I've been seeing loads of big butterflies {monarchs & swallowtails, etc.} flitting their way southward lately - I like to think they're special signs from our Creator {either way they're beautiful}.

    I can't wait to read Jane Eyre. Currently I'm reading Wish You Were Eyre - a Mother-Daughter Book Club book. Have you ever read that series? It's young adult stuff, but I absolutely love it! The girls in the book are currently reading Jane Eyre, of course. After I finish the book I'm going to start on the classic!

    Love & Better Days,
    -Bess- =) smile, just smile, keep smiling =)


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