Thursday, September 5, 2013

Library book sale finds.

I just realized I never posted about the books I found at the library book sale last month. I'm short on blog post ideas lately, and I conveniently just found this draft. :) Here are the books I bought home...

I love Bob Hope. I don't think this is an extremely detailed book, but hopefully it'll include bits of behind the scenes information and stories about his films. :)

Shirley Temple's autobiography. Very excited about this one...for quite a while now, I've been meaning to watch more of her films. I've only seen three or four, and she was a teenager in two of those.

I read this from the library sometime in the past year or two. It wasn't a favorite, but I definitely enjoyed the travel aspect of it.

Debbie Reynolds' first autobiography. This one is out of print, but I had to read this one before I read her new one. I had been keeping an eye out for it at thrift stores but hadn't found it yet. I mentioned to my mom at the book sale that I was looking for it, and not five minutes later I found a copy. :)

A lovely old copy of Andrew Lang's The Blue Fairy Book. There's no year printed inside, but apparently it's from 1925 (there's an identical copy here selling for $91).

I've always meant to read some of Gregory Maguire's books, but I've never got around to it. So I thought I might as well pick this one up. Also- this cover is gorgeous.

I've read and enjoyed two of Sharon Creech's books, and I had this one on my to-read list.

I want to read the entire Wrinkle in Time series soon. Now I'm only missing two of the five books (I already owned A Wrinkle in Time).

So...I got nine books for a grand total of $6. :) The hardcovers were $1 each, and the children's books were 25 cents each. Mirror Mirror would have been 50 cents, I think, but they gave it to me for a quarter.
Library book sales are wonderful places, if you take the time to sift through stuff. :) Nearly all of my thick classic movie star biographies/autobiographies came from library sales and only cost $1 each. Apparently nobody reads such things! Go figure. :) I'm the only weirdo who likes reading about the lives of old movie stars.
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  1. Okay, I tried to read Wicked. I'll be honest, I absolutely hated it. He was very political and his people were wooden and it had a ton of really weird sexual encounters in it. I didn't finish it.

  2. Can you post your thoughts on Gregory Maguire's book? I've wanted to read them (because I love Wicked the musical so much!) but I've heard that they're rather risque and weird....

    On a side note, have you read L.M. Montgomery's The Blue Castle? You'd probably like it!

    Oh, last thing - did you know about this? :)

  3. Ooo! Been meaning to read '13 Envelopes' and 'Mirror Mirror' looks good. Great deals, Kristin - happy reading! :)


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