Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project 360: Week 32

{217} Gathering floss for a new embroidery project.

{218} Lovely orange butterfly.

{219} Thanks to Netflix, I've discovered a new show to obsess over...Monk. Why has no one ever told me about Monk?? It's like Sherlock Holmes meets Agatha Christie meets Pushing Daisies. It's been quite a while since a TV show made me laugh like this one does.

{220} I made my mom some kitchen curtains for her birthday.

{221} Working on the baby quilt.

{222} Speaking of babies, you know I couldn't resist getting this for my future niece. :)

{223} I'm looking forward to dyeing yarn with pokeberries this year.

Until next time,


  1. Those are some pretty shades of embroidery floss!

    Ahhh! Monk I love that show so much! In fact, I even have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to it (sadly, though, there isn't a lot of Monk stuff on the web). We've been going through it as a family and we're almost finished with the last season. The things they came up with are so incredibly clever and the characters are so lovable. If fact, I'm planning on going through the whole series again after we finish and writing down all of the funny quotes since they are so hilarious. When we started watching I got the Official Episode Guide from our library and read all the behind the scenes info for each episode. I think I remember you mentioning you like all that kinda stuff, so I think you'd like it. The only sad part is that it's only for the first four seasons.

    1. I think you're the one who inadvertently introduced me to Monk! Didn't you leave a comment on a post on Natasha Marie's blog several months ago about Monk being your favorite show? After that, I went and added one of the discs to my Netflix queue, but I just bumped it up to the top last week. If it was you that left that comment, thank you ever so much. :)

      I'll have to look for the episode guide! I do love behind the scenes stuff about shows and movies. :)


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