Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project 360: Week 31

{210} Blue skies.

{211} There are tons of butterflies in our garden this year, because of all the zinnias.

{212} Thanks to my new super-amazing TARDIS needle gauge/ruler, I no longer avoid checking my knitting gauge on the sweater I'm making. :) I actually probably check it more than is necessary now. {This had been on my Etsy wishlist for months now, but when I lost my cheap metal one several weeks ago, I could finally justify buying it. And I promise I didn't "lose" my old one on purpose.}

{213} Working on a quilt for my future niece!

{214} Like I said...lots of butterflies on the zinnias.

{215} We had our last chicken processing of the year on Friday, but five of the broilers were so small that we decided to keep them and put them in with the laying hens. :) They seem to be adapting pretty well so far. (A local bakery saves scraps for us, and that is a chicken-pecked muffin on the ground, not something more disgusting that it might look like at first glance. :)

{216} A peek at some yarn I finished spinning last favorite yarn I've spun so far. More on that soon. :)

Until next time,

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  1. OMG that needle gauge! AHHH!!! I love!

    Also, your yarn is incredibly beautiful.


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