Friday, August 9, 2013

My favorite yarn.

This is definitely my favorite yarn I've spun so far. But I feel like the pictures don't do justice to the lovely colors, and that's disappointing. Anyway...
I've been swooning over gorgeous hand-dyed braids of fiber on Etsy for months now. When I worked an extra day several weeks ago, I decided to splurge a bit with the extra money. :) I ordered a braid of BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) from Spun Right Round, in the colorway Feather.  

It began as this fiber:

And was spun into two bobbins of these singles (sorry for the blurry photos...they were taken at night)...

Which were plied together into this awesomeness. (Of course, the awesomeness has nothing to do with my beginner spinning skills, but everything to do with the lovely fiber that I started with.)

The braid was 4 ounces. I ended up with approx. 148 yards of 2 ply worsted weight yarn. I spun it woolen, because I'd read that you typically get more yardage spinning woolen rather than worsted, and I wanted to get as many yards as possible. :)

I really love the colors in this yarn! So many of the colors I find myself drawn to...browns and grays and purples. With a bit of hot pink and bright turquoise mixed in (this color of pink is just about the only pink I actually like...the rest of it I only tolerate :). Eventually I'd like to learn how to spin the yarn to keep the colors separate, but this time I just wanted it all hodgepodge and mixed together, without thinking too much about how the colors would end up. (I actually like the "barber pole" look when different colors spiral around each other.)

At one point, when I had just started plying, I had some doubts...maybe I had just ruined this lovely fiber. But it all turned out fine, and I'm really pleased.

Now to find the perfect project for it. So far I've been hoarding my handspun yarn...except for a swatch of my Leicester Longwool, I haven't knitted anything with my handspun! That needs to change soon.

Until next time,


  1. I'm in serious yarn envy! That's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just splurged and bought my first skein of Malabringo and I don't know what to make with it...I just want to stare at it

  2. It's gorgeous! I love that crazy-awesome color combo so much... I can't wait to see what you make with it. :D


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