Monday, August 19, 2013

House of Gold {Music Monday 8}

I stumbled across The Secret Sisters probably two years ago. Basically, I think they're awesome. :) Their harmony together is incredible and they pull off the neatest vintage-inspired hairstyles and dresses.

On their album (only one so far, sadly!), they sing a lot of older country songs, and they tried to record the music as it would have been recorded fifty years ago. They used vintage microphones and authentic recording techniques from that time period and such. I've never really been into classic country songs, but I've been introduced to some because the Secret Sisters covered them. (Their album includes two original songs and the rest covers. They also introduced me to the Sinatra song Somethin' Stupid.)

If you listened to the "inspired by" soundtrack for the Hunger Games film, the Secret Sisters had a song on it: Tomorrow Will Be Kinder. And apparently they have a new album coming out later this year- I'm very excited about that! :)

This is one of my favorite songs on the album: a cover of the Hank Williams song, House of Gold.

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