Monday, August 26, 2013

Age of Immature Mistakes {Music Monday 9}

Jars of Clay is one of those groups that I've been listening to for nearly ten years now (and that realization makes me feel old). What's even cooler is that they've been making music for nearly twenty years now and they're still going strong. :)

When I was twelve or thirteen, and for several years after that, I listened to their album Who We Are Instead all the time. I still think that album is incredible. I later fell in love with Good Monsters and The Long Fall Back to Earth and regularly listen to songs from those two. Even during certain teen years when I listened almost exclusively to Christian rock (Skillet, etc.), I still listened to Jars of Clay.

And this week the group came back on my radar when I downloaded their Eastside Manor Sessions sampler from Noisetrade because, you guys, it is awesome! Their new album Inland releases tomorrow, but I'm so attached to these acoustic versions that I might have a hard time adjusting to the real songs. :) This is probably my favorite from the EP (which you can download for free here)...Or is it Loneliness and Alcohol? Or Fall Asleep? I can't choose.

Also, I have to mention that I had a Jars of Clay revelation this past week. Here's the thing: I've never seen the group in concert. I've also, apparently, never watched any live videos of them online. Because all this time, all those years of listening to the group, I always thought that a certain guy was the leader singer and main guy in the group. I don't know why I assumed that- I guess he always seemed to be in the center of group promo photos and such. So when I started watching the below video, I was shocked. The voice that I've been hearing all these years was coming from that guy, and not the piano player (that's who I thought was the lead singer)? What?? Anyway, it took me a while to get over that shock. :) Then I just felt a bit dumb and embarrassed that I didn't know this before.

Anyway, this is the video of the EP that I mentioned above. It's really fun and includes the newer songs. Even if you're not that into the music, watch it just for the moustache. You'll know what I mean. {Speaking of moustaches, have you guys seen the season 3 Sherlock teaser? John Watson, what on earth is that growing on your face?}

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