Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A truth {number 4}.

That David Tennant became the best Doctor ever when he quoted Lion King lyrics and single-handedly (quite literally, ha :) saved the world from aliens in a sword fight while still wearing pajamas.

I'm rewatching Doctor Who and I just started the second series. Need I say more? :) Don't get me wrong, I love Nine and Eleven, too, but Ten is my favorite. {And I do realize that he isn't everyone's favorite, though I don't quite understand why on earth not. :) }

Until next time,


  1. I know!! What's not to like, peoples?! Sword fighting in his jim-jams?? YES!!! Ten will always be my Doctor:D

  2. I have a really hard time picking favorites... but I agree that the Lion King quote was an epic moment (which may or may not have caused me to squeal aloud in a moment of completely delightful Disney/Who nerdiness). :D Also, because of that episode, I will forever refer to pajamas as "Jim-jams". British terminology is just so much better in many cases, isn't it? ;)

    1. Argh! I didn't see Tasha's comment... apparently I'm not the only one with an affinity for Jim-jams! ;)

  3. Ahh! Tennant is my favourite too.. He's just so amazing. Although, I did love Eccelston. He was neat in his own way.

  4. I love both nine and ten (haven't seen 11 yet) but the Lion King moment was awesome. My sister and I were laughing so hard and tried telling my dad, but he just looked at us really blankly like we were crazy. Which, maybe we are.... ;)


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