Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project 360: Week 29

{196} I didn't notice the bit of spider web until I put this photo on my computer. :)

{197} Color in the garden.

{198} I've been reading this Beatrix Potter biography, but it's huge and there's no way I'll finish it before it's due back to the library (on Tuesday).

{199} Speaking of Beatrix Potter, I think she would have liked this little rabbit we met on the way to feed the chickens.

{200} Some gorgeous spinning fiber I ordered from Etsy arrived!

{201} Me and Mom took a little trip to the mountains for a fiber and yarn sale at the Greenberry House. We had to stop at Lovers Leap, of course.

{202} Sorting through and measuring yardage on some of the yarn I bought at the sale.

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