Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project 360: Week 27

{182} Lovely sky.

{183} I hit the fabric store with my mom and sister-in-law. We picked out fabrics for a quilt for my future niece. :) I also found fabrics for two versions of the Hawthorn dress! Some blue and white polka dot cotton lawn (from Lisette's spring line) for a short-sleeved version, and some very light and soft dark denim for a longer-sleeved fall/winter version. :) Now I just really need to get started on tracing out the pattern and making a muslin. I'm behind on the sew along!

{184} Still working on my stack of library books. This one was May B., by Caroline Starr Rose. It's a novel in verse with a Little House on the Prairie feel...I really enjoyed it!

{185} Our zinnias are blooming like crazy, and they're so lovely.

{186} I finished spinning my first yarn in which I completed the whole process from one pound of raw fleece to finished yarn!

{187} Oh my. This book cover. I've had some incredible finds at Ollie's over the past few weeks, and this is the latest one. I was skimming the haphazard bookshelves, and I accidentally knocked a couple of books to the floor. As I scooted a buggy out of the way so I could pick up the books, I saw it. On the bottom shelf, all alone, that gorgeous cover shining up at me. I think I audibly gasped as I snatched it up, amazed at my good fortune. :) I had just added this book to my Amazon wishlist days ago (I even mentioned it here), and the price was over $12. At Ollie's it was $1.99 and with the storewide discount that happened to be going on at the moment, it cost me about $1.60. I do believe this is one of my favorite book covers ever. The colors, castle, deer and rabbits, pretty trees, and those random little arrows shooting in every direction! Wow. I love this cover. {No, I haven't actually read the book yet.}

{188} I'm nearly finished with another little cardigan for my future niece. :) Only the sleeves left!

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