Monday, June 3, 2013

Teal yarn.

I finished spinning this yarn last week. It's spun from 8 ounces of dyed Corriedale top I ordered from the Woolery. Honestly, I had only bought this fiber to practice with because it has been discontinued and was relatively cheap. :) They only had two colors left, and neither of them looked very pretty.
So I was pleasantly surprised with how it spun up! It's a pretty greenish blue (more green than blue, though the pictures appear otherwise) that reminds me of the sea. It's got lots of little variations...reddish brown and bright blue in a couple of spots.

It's a two ply, and it came out to be 302 yards. Two big skeins and one tiny one Andean plied from a bobbin that had singles leftover (I can't bring myself to waste any of it!). It's very soft, though not quite as bouncy as the last Corriedale I spun.

So now I have accidentally reached one of my new year's resolutions twice...spin enough yarn for a knitting project. Of course, when I made that resolution I was referring to using my spindle and had no idea I would acquire a wheel this year. :) Proof that using my wheel is faster: it took me four months (off and on, not consistently spinning every day. Sometimes I would go a few weeks without using my spindle) to spin 281 yards of 3 ply yarn on my spindle. It took me approx. four days to spin 302 yards of 2 ply on my wheel.

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