Thursday, May 23, 2013

That darn sock.

I had my first experience with darning socks last week. The pair that I made my mom for Christmas had a hole on the bottom, near the heel. There are three possible explanations for this:
1. I used cheap yarn, which is therefore less durable.
2. My mom loves these socks so much and wears them so often that it's not surprising they developed a hole.
3. My sock knitting skills are sorely lacking, thus resulting in a lower quality pair of socks.
I'm going to go with numbers 1 and 2, okay? :) Mom is definitely a sock person and does wear these all the time, whether she actually loves them or not.

And after.

It's not very pretty, but I'm curious to see how it holds up. I started off using this tutorial, but I was having a hard time making duplicate stitches around the somewhat felted edges of the hole. So then I switched to the weaving method (like in this video). It was still time-consuming, but much easier.

Speaking of socks, I knitted my mom another pair for Mother's Day.

This was some of the fastest knitting I've ever done, you guys. Mother's Day snuck up on me this year, and I couldn't get to Hobby Lobby until a week before. I started these socks on Saturday night and finished them on the following Saturday, the day before Mother's Day. I was weaving in the ends at 9:30 that night. It was a miracle that they were finished in a previous two pairs took 2 or 3 weeks.

I had quite a few Boy Meets World marathons while knitting these. I also watched the entire first season of Call the Midwife. {Oh my goodness, I love that show! BBC is ridiculously brilliant. Call the Midwife is hilarious and heartbreaking and shocking and a bit wow-maybe-I-shouldn't-watch-this-until-after-I-have-had-children. :) Chummy is probably my favorite so far.}

This was also my first time using self-striping yarn. That stuff is awesome. (One sock is slightly darker than the other because they're different dye lots. These were the only two skeins left of this color, so I had to make do.)

Oh, and I just realized that I never posted these gloves. I finished them back at the beginning of April. I make a lot of fingerless gloves, but my hands (fingers included) tend to get cold in the winter while I'm driving. I was really nervous about making full gloves, but they turned out much easier than I expected!

These are a pattern modified from one that the American Red Cross published during World War II. I thought that was pretty neat. I started out making the modified women's version, but they were way too tight. So I switched to the men's version...and they're still slightly snug. Are my hands really that big? Good grief.

{As for the title of this post, I couldn't help but think of That Darn Cat!, which is one of my favorite 60s live action Disney movies.}

Until next time,


  1. I have never tried to make a sock. those look awesome. And I love your gloves! I've only made fingerless too, I'll have to check out that pattern and perhaps make myself a pair!

    1. Socks are fun (though time-consuming) to knit! One day I'd love to have a whole drawer full of handknit socks. :) If you ever decide to knit a pair, I highly recommend this sock class: . It's how I've knit all three pairs so far and makes sock knitting so simple!

  2. Hand-knit socks are so cool (and the amount of time that goes into them is amazing). What a lovely Mother's Day gift!

    Oh, and Chummy is my favorite too. :D

  3. I am in awe of your awesome knitting skillz! EPIC! xxx

  4. Your quick-knit socks look so nice a cozy! You did a fabulous job knitting them so quickly. :)

    I love "Call the Midwife" ~ seriously such a good drama! I love how it has so many happy endings as well; happy endings make everything better. > U <



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