Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scarlet fallberry mitts.

I first put these Fallberry Mitts on my Ravelry queue back in October. I thought they were just gorgeous...and the originals were a dark pumpkin orange, perfect for fall (my favorite season!).
Well, I couldn't find the perfect orange color, but now I'm glad I couldn't. Because I love these red mitts to pieces. {I like red...why don't I own more red clothes/knitted items?}

I thought they were going to be really difficult, and I thought there were cables involved. But they were pretty easy! Basically, if you can knit, purl, ssk, and k2tog, and knit in the round, you can make these. And the pattern is free!

This is, of course, the red Madelinetosh DK that I got on my birthday trip. The pattern called for sport weight, so mine are slightly bulkier than they would have been otherwise. The red isn't flat like the photos make appear...the colors of Madelinetosh yarn are so pretty. I was worried at one point that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish, but of course I even had a bit left over.

I really love these fingerless gloves...I'll probably end up making another pair eventually in a different color! :)

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