Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project 360: Week 18

{119} Dandelions.

{120} I finally had to retire my old rubber boots...water was leaking through and the bottoms had cracked open. My mom and I both got a new pair, but they look exactly alike and they're only one size different. So I decided to give mine a little tacky makeover with acrylic paint so I will always know which pair is mine. :) {I do realize it won't last...I've already lost quite a few polka dots.}

{121} Tiny yellow flower.

{122} Taking some photos for my family's new farm blog.

{123} My very first raw fleece arrived on Thursday! (I'll post more about it soon.) Isn't it beautiful? I'm going to do this...I've bought the fleece and the hand carders (and there's another wonderful surprise that came about...more about that later, too! :), and now I'm completely broke. But I'm going to turn 7 pounds of fluff from a sheep into lots and lots of yarn. And yarn makes me very happy. :)

{124} This is the week of flowers, huh? :) Yellow's my favorite color, but I'm a big fan of purple, too. (They don't look very purple here, but they do in the yard.)

{125} Some pretty new fiber to spin. Blue-Faced Leicester and Corriedale (the white is BFL, purple is Corriedale, and the other is one of the two. Can't remember at the moment :).

Until next time,

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  1. Loved the boots! I think my girls would have fun with that idea!

    That tiny yellow flower with shiney petals.....the actual buttercup. Found it this week on a mission to identify this vigorously spreading (beautiful) weed. Fascinating?


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