Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My favorite underrated films. {Classic Movie May}

I wouldn't call any of these films "obscure," but in my opinion, they don't get the attention they deserve. I love all of these films, but I rarely hear anyone mention them as favorites.

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

I saw this film for the first time pretty early into my classic movie obsession. It was probably one of the first few movies I ever watched that starred Cary Grant (and Myrna Loy, for that matter). This is such a funny, charming movie! Shirley Temple plays a teenager who becomes smitten with an artist (Cary Grant). At first he resists her attention, but after some persuading from the girl's older sister (Myrna Loy), he pretends to date her, all the while hoping her infatuation will wear off and secretly trying to reunite her with her high school boyfriend. This film has so much going for it...the three stars, plus Rudy Vallee in an amusing role, and lots of clever dialogue and situations.

My parents and I quote the "you remind me of a man..." bit quite often. We have a tendency to accidentally say "Who do?" in conversation, which of course is the perfect place to start quoting that part. :)

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

To be honest, I've only seen this film once. I own it, but it lasts almost 3 hours and that puts me off from watching it more often! Anyway, Ingrid Bergman stars as an English maid who becomes a missionary to China. She's involved in running an inn for travelers, checking to make sure the ban against foot binding is obeyed, aiding orphaned children, etc. It's a lot better than I make it sound. :) I remember really enjoying it, and I need to watch it again as soon as possible.
Summer Stock

I've already talked about this one here. It's one of my favorite musicals, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very well known.

Key Largo

I didn't just pick this because my family really enjoys going on vacation in the Florida Keys. :) This is my favorite Bogart and Bacall film of the ones I've seen so far. The owners of a hotel in Key Largo (and a friend- Bogart) are stuck inside the hotel with a group of gangsters, unable to leave because a terrible hurricane is happening. One of the last scenes, which is a showdown on a small boat between Bogart and the bad guys, is incredibly suspenseful. It's a really good movie. :)

Christmas in Connecticut

This is my favorite Christmas-themed classic film! I've written about it quite a lot over the past couple of years, so I won't go into a lot of detail. I love Jefferson Jones and the baby who changes its appearance and the snowy house in Connecticut. And I especially love Felix. :)

What are your favorite obscure or underrated films? I'd love to know...I'm always looking for old movie recommendations. :)

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  1. Great choices! I haven't seen The Inn of the Sixth Happiness in AGES...I should rewatch that sometime soon.

  2. The Prisoner of Zenda! Not the '50s version with Deborah Kerr, but the 1930's one with Ronald Coleman - love that guy! It's just full of thirties charm and swashbucklingness.

  3. I saw Christmas in Connecticut once, but didn't really care for it. I think that's because a few people online that I know really like it so it didn't hold up to my expectations. I think I might like it better if I watched it again, though.

    I don't think I've even heard of Key Largo, but it sounds really interesting! I'll have to get it from the library. :)

    Hello, Dolly! would make the top of the list for me (surprise, surprise. :P ) I think I only know of one person, including both people online and offline, that have seen it, which is really sad since it's a great one! The songs are catchy, the dance numbers huge and wonderful (it was directed by Gene Kelly!) and the characters are fun.

  4. Yippee for 'Bachelor.' I ADORE that movie and haven't seen it in ages (once again!). Also loved 'Connecticut.' What both films excel at is their humor - movies today cannot touch the innocent yet genuinely hilarious comedy of this "classic" era in Hollywood.

  5. I like The Inn of the Sixth Happiness too! It gave me nightmares about being bombed when I was 9, but I got past that and can still enjoy it. ;-) And Christmas in Connecticut is one of my all time favorite Holiday films (along with The Shop Around the Corner, It's A Wonderful Life, and A Miracle on 34th Street). Yep, Felix might just be the best part!


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