Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Actors and actresses who had to grow on me. {Classic Movie May}

You know how there are some actors or actresses that you just like instantly? For me, it would be people like Gene Kelly or Judy Garland. But then there are others...not so much. Here are some people who I really disliked at first, but given the chance, they've grown on me. :)
1. Katharine Hepburn

Oh my goodness...I had a major grudge against Katharine Hepburn when I first started watching classic movies. She was supposed to be one of the greats, but I just didn't like her. It didn't help that the first films of hers I saw were the roles where she was obnoxious and arrogant and very feminist (don't leave me hateful comments about that last word, please :), and just not very likable. But then...I saw her in a film with Spencer Tracy (can't remember which one!). I remember thinking, wow! She's actually pretty good in this one. Eventually I got to the point where I even enjoyed Katharine Hepburn films that didn't have Spencer Tracy in them. :) I still don't list her among my top favorites, but I like her quite a bit now. {The African Queen and Woman of the Year are probably my favorite films starring her.}
2. Fred Astaire

I know what you're thinking- how could you not like Fred Astaire?? :) Let me explain myself and my incredibly shallow motives. I was (am) smitten with Gene Kelly. So I was watching this young, handsome, athletic guy dancing while wearing a baseball cap and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. And then I saw Fred Astaire...this skinny guy who looked like an old man even when he was 30 years old. {I remember reading Lucille Ball's autobiography- she was friends with Ginger Rogers. She wrote something about how he treated leading ladies as an elderly uncle would, and I've always remembered that.} It took me quite a while to get used to that. But it's practically impossible to dislike Fred Astaire for long, you know? He and Ginger Rogers are amazing together and so very talented. Don't worry...I recognize his awesomeness now. :)
3. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra has one of my favorite voices, and I loved his voice long before I saw more than just a vague photo or two of him. The first film I ever saw him in was Anchors Aweigh, and I couldn't connect this wonderful, soothing voice with this skinny, unusual looking kid. It completely threw me off. :) But Sinatra played such likable people in Anchors Aweigh and On the Town and such that after a while you forget that his voice doesn't exactly match the way he looks. {But then again, maybe it did as he got a little older?}

4. The Marx Brothers

The first couple of times I saw a Marx Brothers film, I just didn't think that they were too funny. {By the way, I've never liked the Three Stooges.} Now I think they're hilarious...maybe my sense of humor just changed? :) A Day at the Races is probably my favorite so far.

5. June Allyson

Okay, so June Allyson hasn't grown on me too much. Something about her still bugs me a little. Maybe it's her voice or the way she sometimes smiled with her lips together and it didn't really look like a smile. Anyway, I liked her in Little Women and really liked her in The Glenn Miller Story (great movie! Glenn Miller is my favorite big band leader), but I haven't particularly enjoyed any more of her films.
Who are some actors or actresses that you just didn't like at first? What made you change your mind? Link up or comment below! :)

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  1. Maybe there's hope for me... I've never liked Katharine Hepburn and the three words you used to describe her are perfect in my mind. I haven't seen The African Queen or Woman of the Year though, so perhaps watching those will change my opinion of her too. :D

  2. I must confess to being hopelessly un-fold of Katherine Hepburn...but Fred Astaire has become a huge favorite of mine in the past year or so. I can only take it for bits at a time, since his humor and lack of...well, basic seriousness can grate slightly on my realistic bend. BUT I love him nonetheless. Definitely prefer his singing to even....Sinatra. I know. I know. :)

  3. Fred and Frank are two of my ALL time favorites! Glad you have grown to like them too. :)

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